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Back to School! - KoKo's Bucket of Sunshine

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August 2nd, 2013

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09:56 am - Back to School!
At age 35, I will be taking Astronomy 101 in the Fall. I work at the University which means I get 1 free class per semester, I don't have enough interest in my academic field (communications) to pursue a PhD, and I'm bored during 90% of my free time, so why not? Its going to be awkward as I find 18-21 year olds to be the most annoying demographic on the planet. Who knows? Maybe I get really interested, declare a Physics major, and have a totally different career in a few years. Probably though, I just take the one class.

Speaking of scholastic excellence, Krista gets her Masters in Library and Information studies tomorrow. We will then have a matching pair of degrees.

Egans regular BK passes away a few days ago. I don't know anyone who didn't like that guy. It used to be that whenever he saw me he would yell "Player player!" (I was once a very efficient skirt chaser). Once I got engaged and when Krista was with me, he would make a point to walk near me and whisper so that Krista couldn't hear, "player. player."

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